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Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, Cheryl Higgins spent a short time in Phoenix, AZ and Westminster, CO where her love of nature expanded. Originally painting under the name CR, Cheryl Russell, she was drawn to watercolor immediately. The fluidity and spontaneity of the medium allowed her to capture the many colors and beauty of nature especially flowers and trees. The rawness of Sierra Club Sketchbook journaling inspires her to capture the changing colors in a scene. She is primarily a self-taught artist since 2004 but spent a semester studying art at Pima Community College where she expanded her art mediums into acrylic and sculpture. Her acrylic artwork still holds the passion and love for nature, but also has a playful abstract feel to them and often expresses deep emotions. Her acrylic work has been known to involve greens and blues in the background to her representing a since of peace. Her art has been displayed at Art Awakenings Galleries in Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista. She has also displayed art in several churches and in local Tucson crafts and art events.  She is the mother of a beautiful daughter who also loves painting.

My medium


My favorite paint is watercolor; I just love the spontaneity of the medium. I also work in Acrylic and have done some clay wheel work and hand building in the past.

Artist Statement



The rawness of Sierra Club Sketchbook journaling

inspires me to capture the fleeting moments of nature

while exploring the changing colors in a scene.

While using watercolor or acrylics my paintings

reflect the diversity of beauty in nature.

Subjects that draw my attention are stunning colors in flowers and trees

as well as the complexity of animals, sunsets and people.

The calming effect of blues and greens 

are often reflected in my backgrounds,

to me these colors represent a sense of peace.

Trees and flowers are often repeated in my art 

as they represent life and growth.

Trees are more frequent as their expansion into new life and new spaces is something that I long for 

and try to accomplish in my own life.

I would like my artwork to convey the creativity of peace and strength.

My art is imaginative and reflective of the world around me.

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